Drive Cleaning Services

Slip Stream Pro

by Pro Drive Cleaning

Pro Drive Cleaning uses Slip Stream Pro machines to clean your block paved hard surfaces, forecourts, car parks and access areas so they can once again look as good as new.

Multi-function, multi-task machines suitable for cleaning all types of paving surfaces. Because of the innovative design, all of the waste matter remains on the floor and not all over the surrounding area.

Driveway/ Block Paving Cleaning

driveway cleaning services

Our driveway cleaning equipment uses high pressure water jets that propels a rotary system which lifts the dirt and debris out of your driveway or patio surfaces. The dirty water created is removed from the job as it is done, which prevents soiling of your surrounding areas.Our driveway cleaning process will also remove stains caused by lichen, algae and oil.

When cleaning brick paviours the jointing sand set between the blocks is removed. This helps remove contaminated jointing, in which weeds can and will grow. This sand has to be replaced and the supplementary stage to brick paviour cleaning is for us to return and fill the block joints with new kiln dried sand. This has to be done in dry conditions and on a dry surface so will usually be performed on a return visit, following the cold water jet clean. For Pattern Imprinted Concrete Drives and Brick Paviour Drives which have been sealed with an acrylic sealer, the re-sanding process is not applicable.

Dwarf Walls

dwarf wall cleaning services

Cleaning brick walls is often slow, difficult and requires specialist equipment like jet washing and pressure washing equipment. Overtime, brick walls gather stains from things like oil, paint, graffiti, or contain weeds and other biological matter growing on their surface. This can leave your brickwork to look worn out and unsightly.

Our technicians have the ability to modify the amount of pressure used in each cleaning project meaning that whatever the surface or challenge, we have the ability to adapt out machinery to successfully tackle it.


decking cleaning services

Transform the look of your property with a decking deep clean.

Pro Drive Cleaning use the latest pressure washing technology to get your decking back to looking like new. Our machines are deliberately designed to restore hard working surfaces. Our unique deep cleaning system is effective enough to remove oil stains, weeds, moss and algae.

Patio Cleaning

patio cleaning services

Your patio collects slippery algae, dead leaves, moss and dirt and it becomes slippery, dirty and hazardous to walk on. Pro Drive Cleaning's pressure washing service is available all year round so that in the winter months we will come and clear away moss and dead leaves. Your patio will look like new and will be clean and safe.

Our patio and driveway pressure washing service and decking moss removal service will restore your garden to its former glory. We can clean away moss, paint splashes, oil spills, garden debris, dirt and grime which has been left to build up over years of use. We use a special high pressure washing system along with a solvent free cleaning agent, which leaves stone surfaces clean, without damaging their finish. Pressure washing is effective on flat or uneven surfaces and is ideal for patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and decking moss removal.

Garden Furniture Cleaning

garden furniture cleaning services

Garden furniture is not cheap and if it has been left out in the elements for a long period of time it will start to look old, delapidated and unsightly. Rather than spend more money replacing them, why not have them professionally cleaned by Pro Drive Cleaning? Our cleaning process will leave your fashionable garden furniture restored to their natural beauty.

Our specially formulated process works into the wood and lifts the algae in preparation to be pressure washed off. No striping, no splintering and no harm done to the wood. If your furniture is made of other materials our process will work effectively on them too without damaging their surfaces.

Playground Cleaning

playground cleaning services

Wet pour playground surfaces look fantastic initially when they are first put down and are a clean safe place for children to play, but over time algae builds up along with moss, black spot lichen making the surface looking dirty, tired and unsafe. This is particularly relevant to all schools as health and safety is always paramount when it comes to children's play areas and the need to keep the surface from being in a slippery state is essential.

Our industrial hot pressure washing systems cleans wet pour surfacing and restores it to a new looking condition. The process involves the removal of all traces of moss growth embedded in the pores of the surface, the slippery algae sat on the top of the surface and even the blackspots that many companies fail to remove.

Drive & Patio Sealing

driveway sealing services

The process for laying a brick paviours is usually to lay the bricks and sweep with sand and it's done. Pro Drive Cleaning offer a sealing service that seals your surface with an acrylic sealer. This deepens and beutifies the colour and binds the block jointing sand. It is a transparent sealant and makes your blocked area look stunning. By sealing the jointing areas the blocks become more stable and creates a barrier to dirt and other contaminants. This is usually where weeds would grow. The sealant makes weed growth much slower and makes ongoing maintenance easier.

Your blocks become less porous, smoother and the gap between blocks is partly filled by the sealant. As a result your drive or patio surface becomes less resistant to the flow of water across it. Consequently your surface self cleanses during rainfall and promotes much easier subsequent cleaning using domestic tools such as a broom and garden hose pipe. A sealed paviour drive is also quicker to clean, so any subsequent visit from Pro Drive Cleaning to clean your drive will cost less than if the paviours are not sealed.

Weed Control

paving weed control services

Pro Drive Cleaning uses a commercial grade weedkiller at a concentration level about 45% higher than domestic weed killers. We will treat all your affected areas and the treatment being rainfast within 1-2 hours. The chemical is a systemic weedkiller and carried by the plant leaf down into its roots where it takes effect. After 5 days it will have taken effect and works best during the months March to October.

If weeds need to be removed from your drive or patio, we will arrange to do this a week before we come to carry out our drive cleaning, drive sealing or drive colouring processes.

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